Pedal Your World offers full-service bike repairs. Whether you need a new tire, new parts or just a general tune up, the Pedal Your World Staff can help.  Normal wear and tear inevitably means that your bike is going to need some wrenching from time to time.  

 This bike is getting some much needed TLC  Pedal Your World Bike Shop

Just like on a car things like brake pads wear out, tires loose their tread and cables get stretched. It's important to Keep your ride clean and regularily maintained as it increases the lifespan of your bike and the enjoyment you'll get from riding it. Pedal Your World offers the following mechanic and repair services:

  • Complete tune-ups and inspections
  • Tire replacement and wheel truing
  • Installation of new and upgraded parts
  • Maintenance of chain and drive train
  • Complete brake service
Come by the shop or call us if you would like any more information about our repair services or an estimate.

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